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Silent Hill PS5 Rumors Is Going To Release This Week!

Silent Hill
Source: Xgamenews

Silent Hill PS5

Silent Hill PS5Β is a Japanese horror video game franchise. Keiichiro Toyama is the creator of the show. Konami is the publisher of the game franchise while its subsidiary company Konami Digital Entertainment is the publisher. The first part of the franchise came in 1999. The show became very popular over the years and garnered a massive fan base. In 2015, the makers of the game cancelled the franchise. Rumours of the revival of the show make headlines regularly since the cancellation was announced by the creators. As per the latest rumours, the announcement about the return of the series is on its way.

Silent Hill
Source: Xgamenews

Silent Hill And Dead By Daylight Crossover

Konami announced with Behaviour interactive that they will release a game together which will be a crossover of Silent Hill and Dead By Daylight. This is rather suspicious because the makers clearly discontinued the series a long time back. If they have the show back for crossovers, then there is definitely something big behind all this. It looks like they want to bring the game back to light for something bigger. The crossover game is expected to release by June.

Leaker Claims Silent Hill Revival

A leaker who goes by the name of DuskGolem tweeted that the new part of the game has gone for development in Sony Japan Studio. Now there are many leakers, and most of them go wrong with their information. However, this leaker has successfully given details on Β Resident Evil 8 and a Resident Evil 4 remake. It looks like the information is reliable and trustworthy.

Silent Hill
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Silent Hill Announcement On PS5 Reveal Event

The last rumour is that Sony is planning to announce the game during the PS5 reveal event. The leaker tweeted about it saying, “I’ll lay this out again bluntly: Silent Hill if the Japan Studios, Toyama directing, etc., stuff is all true will either be revealed on the 4th or in August. It SHOULD be the 4th as the team is excited to reveal it, the game is PS5 exclusive, and it’s in a playable state.” It will be a mystery if the game will actually have a revival or not.

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