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Silent Hill PS5- The Missing Game

Silent Hill
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Silent Hill PS5: On 11th June we saw Sony Entertainment finally launching their new PS 5 console. The futuristic design beats all the previous ones with its inexplicable features and high- tech devices.

The launch got postponed several times due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the George Floyd casualty. Regardless, on 11th June, a 90-minute long programme gave us an insight into the new console.

The New PS 5 Console
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One thing which Sony did not reveal was the price and the estimated release date of the new console. But sources say, it might release later this year during holidays.

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Let us dive into the details of what happened during the launch.

Details About The Launch

Sony Entertainment unveiled various details about the new console. But the most awaiting fact was the games! Everyone, including us, we’re excited to see what games are they going to release.

The PS 5 event revealed a bunch of games we are excited to play. We expected some games. The one game which we hoped to play on the new console is Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: The Missing Game

Let me give you a basic idea about this video game- Silent Hill. It got released in 1999 and instantly gained fame throughout the gamers community. The game composes a horror genre. Keiichiro Toyama has created it.

Silent Hill
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Silent Hill PS5 soon grew into a franchise; 7 more parts came into action soon. Silent Hill gained recognition.

Now the questions arise, why did they not make it part of PS 5?

Fans were fully expecting Silent Hill to join hands with PS 5. Alas, that didn’t happen. While Konami has denied it, fans perpetuated its release months back.

Gamers are disappointed that their favourite game won’t be coming on PS 5. But, we have not lost any hope. We still feel that in the coming months, they would include Silent Hill.

Regardless, let’s see the games they have not included.

List Of The Games:

The games we expect to come after some months-

  1. Silent Hill
  2. Call Of Duty 2020
  3. Crash Bandicoot
  4. GTA 6


Regardless of whether these games might come in PS 5, we still love playing these games! To know more about the new PS 5, check out the further articles.

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