Simon Cowell’s Injury Has Taken A Worse Turn. Check It Out Now!
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Simon Cowell’s Injury Has Taken A Worse Turn, Check It Out Now!

Simon Cowell’s Injury Has Taken A Worse Turn, Check It Out Now!: It looks like things are just not getting better for Simon Cowell. He was already suffering from a significant back injury. According to the reports, even after the surgery things aren’t getting better for him. Check out everything you need to know.

Simon Cowell’s Injury

Simon Cowell is a judge at the Americas got a talent for year’s now. In August 2020, he fell severely from his electric bike and broke his back at several places. According to his medical reports, his spinal cord is broke.


Simon was on bed for several months and was taking his medication. However, recently it was finally time for his surgery. He posted on his social media before the surgery. And fans wished him the best out of it.


It was a three-hour-long surgery, according to the reports due to a very severe fracture in his spinal cord. A metal rod has to be placed in his back. However, his initial surgeries were pretty excellent and cheerful. However, his recent ones weren’t as good as he or everyone expected.

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Simon, after a few months of being on the bed, tried to walk on his foot by himself. He tried to get up and tried to walk a few steps. However, according to the reports it was claimed that he couldn’t get the beat out of it. The process is taking really long.


The sources claim that it has been a few rough weeks for Cowell. And there’s no guarantee on when exactly things will get alright for him. However, he is trying his best to be patient about it and giving his best. Many fans and celebrities and hoping the best for him. What do you think about it?

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