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Simone Biles Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Latest Updates


Superstar of Gymnastics, Simone Biles and her boyfriend of three years, Stacey Ervin Jr. has broken up.

The Olympic gold medalist broke up with fellow gymnast and boyfriend in early March 2020, after dating for almost three years.

The rumours about the end of their relationship began in March itself when Ervin hadn’t wished Simone birthday on Instagram. Biles also had unfollowed him Instagram. Stacey was her first boyfriend.

Simone Biles revealed about the breakup in an August 2020 cover story for Vogue.

β€œIt was for the best”

Simone Biles Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Latest Updates

Talking about the breakup, Biles said, β€œIt’s hard being young and having that long of a relationship and then ending it. But it was for the best.”

She talked to Entertainment Tonight about not having had a boyfriend before Stacey. Biles said, β€œAt 20 years old I feel like you should have gone through those things and gone on dates. I have been on like, maybe one proper date.”

Biles told the Olympic Channel that it was great to have Ervin on her side to β€œunderstand the sport and training that we go through.”

They had a great relationship

Both Simone and Stacey Ervin had a great relationship together and that often showed that on social media.

When Biles won five gold medals in the world championship in October 2019, Germany, Ervin’s cheerleading video clip went viral.

Later on, he posted a message on Instagram after she won, expressing how proud he was of her.

β€œMY WOMAN IS A 5x WORLD CHAMPION IN THE ALL-AROUND & I COULDN’T BE MORE PROUD. I get hyped every time I watch her do her thing & today was no exception. Congratulation, babe! The whole world is proud of you!”

Talking about the cheering in an interview with Today, Biles said that Stacey was an β€œawesome times two”.

β€œEvery time it’s different, he basically just screams into the phone and tells me how proud he is of me,” Biles said. “He’s an awesome times two.”

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