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Simone Miles Feels Bittersweet After Tokyo Olympics Gets Delayed!

Simone Biles during her act
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Simone Miles Feels Bittersweet After Tokyo Olympics Gets Delayed!:Β In a non-COVID world,Β Simone Biles would be preparing for her match in Tokyo for the Olympics. However, as we all know, the world is down with the pandemic, and every event got cancelled.

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Naturally, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 had no choice but to delay the dates. However, the four-time Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles feels bittersweet and is adjusting to the new mask mandate routine.

Let’s get into the details of how Simone Biles feels.

It’s A Bittersweet Feeling!

It’s no secret that the 23-year-old Simone looked forward to competing in this years Olympics. However, due to the surge of the Coronavirus pandemic, the whole world is shut down. Initially, the officials didn’t think the virus would last this long, but it did.

Simone Biles in the Frame
Source: Houston Chronicle

Thus, it has taken a different toll for Biles. After some initial despair and disappointment, on Tuesday, Biles said:

“It is bittersweet, obviously, but (the Olympic) delay is for the best, and everyone’s safety. The pandemic will slow down if we do the right things. So I’m just chugging along.”

However, the enthusiastic Biles has not left the training and is still in the gym 32 hours a week at the World Champions Centre in Montgomery County.

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Just Chugging Along!

Even though Biles hasn’t competed since the last autumn, and it’s going to be a year soon, she still aspires to get back on track and reach her goals. During the interview, Biles further said:

“I’m definitely still working toward something because in the end there’s still that goal we have. We just revised our schedule toward 2021. We’ll start putting skills together here soon, and then hopefully by January we’ll have our routines put together and set so that we can start the competition season.”

Simone Biles during her act
via Washington Post

Moreover, Simone said:

“Since we have a bit more time, we’re trying upgrades, but we’ll have to see how they fit and make sense. We’re just kind of playing around in the gym.”

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The Olympic Season!

The Olympics were supposed to start this summer on 23rd July and go up to 8th August. Unfortunately, it is now pushed a year back due to the COVID. Moreover, several athletes apart from Simone are also staying at their homes and not preparing for the Olympics.

This week, the Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles is at her new home in suburban Houston, enjoying the unprecedented time with her family and her new dog and hoping the pandemic gets over soon.

We hope everyone is safe and sound in their homes.

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