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Singer “Cody Simpson”and “Miley Cyrus” Break Off Their 10 Months Old Relationship

Miley and Cody
Miley and Cody

Why did Miley and Cody break up?

The “Slide Away” singer Miley Cyrus has officially confirmed that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson. In her Instagram live, she said that ” A year ago, almost to this exact date, the media tried to tell my story for me and control my narrative, and I’m just not accepting that”. “So today, it came out to me that my boyfriend and I have broken up.” According to her, the couple broke up in order to focus on what they want to do and be in their respective life.

A brief history of their dating

The duo started dating in October 2019. They were close friends for as long as ten years before the romance took over. The Australian Singer, Cody, openly admits that Cyrus was her long time celebrity crush. He never stopped raving about her. For him, Miley has always been a perfect and talented person. She encouraged her to be more open-minded and optimistic. She also taught him how to enjoy life without any stress. On October 2019 Miley was seen flaunting a picture of her ring with Simpson’s initials.

Miley is wearing rings with Cody’s initials.

In the same year, Cody admitted that he would love to create music with her girlfriend Miley. He was quite excited about it and speculated that the album would contain rock songs. Cody’s single “Golden Thing” showcased a photo of Miley as the cover. The lovebirds took their fans in awe when they decided to get inked together. They came with matching tattoos in premonition of Simpson’s book, “Prince Neptune.”

Miley and Cody got matching tattoos on their arms.

Miley, who released her song “Midnight Sky” a week ago confirmed their breakup in her live video. As a result, Twitter was flooded with the tweets of their fans. They were left shocked and heartbroken because of the abrupt ending of their relationship. She further added that she is still in good terms with her ex Cody and requested media not to make a show if they are spotted hanging out again. Her ex Cody even congratulated her after the song’s release and shared a screenshot of their video chatting. So, it is rather clear that the former couple wishes best for each other.

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