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Singer Taylor Swift Slammed President Donald Trump!

Taylor Swift
Source The Quint

Taylor Swift Updates

Taylor Alison Swift is an American Singer Song-writer. Also, she is famous for narrative songwriting, which gave her popularity and craze across the globe. She is the youngest artist for Sony/ATV Music publishing house at the age of 14. However, she made many records in her career through music. But, recently, she had made a tweet by Slamming President Donald Trump. Also, the post has got more than one million likes in a very little time. However, it is the most liked post ever for Taylor Swift, among all her posts.

So, Taylor, through her Twitter, slammed Donald Trump regarding the incident of protestors. Taylor criticized the actions of President Donald Trump, for tweeting that protesters in Minnesota should fire. She made a counter tweet for President Trump, including his acceptance for racism on Friday. However, it has got many likes in less than five hours of her post.

Taylor Swift
Source The Quint

Post Updates

So, Taylor Swift wrote like this on her Twitter, “After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? When the looting starts, the shooting starts??? We will vote you out in November @realdonaldtrump”.

Thus, she questioned Trump for encouraging white supremacy and racism in America. However, she has got both positive and negative reactions to her post from many people. But, some people accused her of “Justifying” the violence. Also, Taylor Swift was praised for raising her voice against injustice, that was shacking the country.

Taylor Tweet
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Other Details

Alyssa Milano replied to her to post like “Thank You for using your voice for good”. Also, many have her negative comments and posted their opinion through a reply to a comment. So David Weissman replied like, “Thank you, Taylor Swift, he is losing support, and we will win vote him out in November, and your voice can reach out to people, continue speaking out.”

But, Lauren Boebert for Congress replied like “The President did not threaten violence. You are falling for a Twitter fact check. Also, Trump will win in November,” and many more.


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