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Skate 4: A Proper Console Game, Not A Mobile Game And Expectations

Skate 4 Is A Console Gmae
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Skate 4: A Proper Console Game, Not A Mobile Game!:Β After years of rumours, EA (Electronic Arts) finally announced that the fourth instalment of the

video game series is making a comeback!

Currently, the game is in the initial stages of development. As the fourth instalment of Skate franchise has just started, we are assuming it to be on the next-gen console aka the new PlayStation 5.

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Let us get into the details of the fourth instalment of ‘Skate’ video game!

What Is The Skate Game Series?

The Skate franchise is about Skateboarding. To give you a basic idea about Skateboarding- it is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using the skateboard. Skateboarding is also a way of transportation.
A Man Skateboarding
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Teenage kids were usually fond of Skateboarding in the early 2000s, which gave rise to skateboarding video games back in the 2000s. This particular idea inspired EA to develop the ‘Skate’ franchise.
In 2010, the last Skate game got released. It (the series) acclaims to be the most realistic skateboarding games.
The Skate franchise is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and mobile phones.

Skate 4: Is It A Console Game Or A Mobile Game?

We fans have been excited for Skate since its announcement on the 18th of June. Since yesterday, all of us have wondered whether the game will release on a console or a mobile. The best-case scenario would be both.

Skate 4 Announcement

As I said, the developing has just started, which means the game will probably release sometime between 2022 and 2023. It means it is likely to release on PlayStation 5.

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To release it as a mobile game would feel a bit dicey considering its fanbase begging them to make a console-based game.

Skate 4: What Do We Expect From The 4th Part?

The first thing we want from Skate 4 is a good story. A story is an integral part of any game if the storyline is perfect, the game, automatically surpasses the rest.

The next thing we expect is better customizable options. If the game decides to roll out on PS 5, the graphics would be the best. Regardless, we know that the creators will do their best when it comes to creating our favourite game! We hope to see Skate 4 roll out soon! Stay tuned to find out more!




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