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SNAP Benefits To Be Increased By 5% This October!

SNAP is Coming

SNAP Benefits To Be Increased By 5% This October!: SNAP is a scheme intended to help the people who are worst hit by this pandemic.

SNAP Benefits To Be Increased By 5% This October
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The US is hit worst in this Coronaviruis pandemic. According to data, it is facing worse conditions than the 2009 Depression. However, to overcome this situation, a lot of government schemes are launched.

For instance, the SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is also a US-based scheme. It intends to help people stuck in this pandemic. Temporary SNAP is utilising in the states since March.

SNAP benefits include emergency services, household benefits, meeting administrative demands, etc. Providing nutritious food to those who are struggling to make a livelihood because of COVID 19 is a significant relief.

What Is SNAP’s Main Aim?

SNAP main aim is to provide food to needy people. Because of COVID, many people have lost their job. There is a shortage of food everywhere. Not every person can afford food at this time. It is a scheme to help the poor or low-income people.

Death, poverty, malnutrition, etc. are plaguing the US like never before. The scheme promises to help the US to overcome this difficulty. So far, its benefits have reached a large number of people.

Is It A Solution To All The Problems?

However, it’s not the solution to all the problems. It doesn’t provide the whole food budget to anyone. You can only expect partial help from it. Also, the amount of benefits you can get depends upon various factors such as living income, number of people in your family, etc. Under the CARES Act, people can receive maximum benefit from it.

SNAP Benefits Are Increasing!

On average, there is a slight increase in SNAP benefits every year. However, this year will see the jump by 3 per cent. SNAP benefits will be increased by 5 per cent in October 2020. To get a better view, think let us compare. After the COVID pandemic, a family with four members earned $646. Now, this will be near $680.

SNAP is a ray of hope for people striving in the USΒ  to live. It can help the weaker sections of society to rise from their misery.

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