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Snapchat Now Stop Promoting Trump Post

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Snapchat Escalated Actions

Snapchat Stop Promoting Trump Post: As we all know, due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, the United States Elections were postponed. Also, Trump wants to conduct the exams at the earliest. So, recently, one of the famous App, Snapchat, will stop promoting Donald Trump amid uproar over tweets. However, this decision of Santa Monica-based company, Snap Chat by their Twitter’s camp. Thus, the company has removed its actions for Trump.

So, Snap Chat from now, it will stop promoting President Donald Trump in their messaging service video. Also, it is an example of how social media platforms will treat the United States President. A few days back, Twitter has started a camp on fact-checks warnings, which were by Donald Trump. The two tweets which were called are mail-in ballots fraudulent and predicted problems regarding the November elections.

Snapchat Now Stop Promoting Trump Post
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Tweets ImpactsΒ 

So, after the fact-check warnings by Twitter, Snap Chat has come with the decision to remove Donald Trump in their promotions. However, everyone can see the President’s account and remains visible on Snap Chat. Also, Trump has made his third tweet regarding the death of George Floyd. Trump said that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” regarding the Minneapolis protests.

However, many people were coming on roads to protest against racism. Also, people are demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. Thus, by the new actions of Snap Chat, users will not be able to see Donald Trump’s post in the Discover section. Discover section of the App, shows all the posts and stories of celebrities across the globe.

Snapchat Now Stop Promoting Trump Post
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Other Details On Snapchat Now Stop Promoting Trump Post

But, the status of Trump will be active on the App. Also, people who follow and search for Donald Trump’s account will see his updates. Many other platforms were in the row of criticizing the actions of Donald Trump regarding the actions that the government is taking to control.

So, FaceBook maker Mark Zuckerburg has identical posts and facing the criticism against Trump. Thus, on Wednesday, Snap Chat said that “We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover.”


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