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Snapchat: You Can Now Share Your Snapchat Stories Through Other Apps


Snapchat is something you can’t stop them. They know for creativity. Hence Snapchat now comes with another user attention seeking feature. This new feature will allow you to share your Snapchat stories through other apps. Here is details:-

Snapchat Stories

The stories is widely famous. According to reports probably more then 200 million people use it on regular basis. This number subsequently presents how people feel attractive about Snapchat stories. In near times we see platforms like YouTube, Twitter even LinkedIn comes with stories feature. To make his presence valuable Snapchat regular updates this segment. This stories have always a important place in Snapchat developer platform.

Snapchat Stories Through Other Apps

Snapchat is testing this feature for more than 1 year. Previously they are testing this with Houseparty and Tinder Apps. Now they are ready to launch this. With this update, Snapchat users can share theirΒ  stories across the platforms. This feature is launched on 31st March in Australia and Canada. Very soon this became available for everyone. Currently, this feature is available in four apps Triller, Hily, Squad and Octi. Snapchat said soon other platforms will adopt this feature too.

How This Feature Works

This App stories are part of Snap kit. In which they provide a code through that other apps build Snapchat integration. One integration in confirm users will able to send their Snapchat stories to other preferred apps. A screen appears inside Snapchat through that they can share.


This feature is an opportunity for Snapchat to expand their advertising outside their platforms. User can keep their stories for 7 days. Which is a lot more than WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook 24 hours limit. Some reports claimed that it will available for 30 days, but there is not any authentic information about this. So let’s enjoy this and save your time. Now just click and share your stories on all your social media platforms. Keep visiting us for further updates.


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