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SNL Turns US’s Most Serious Debate Into A Sarcastic One!

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SNL Rocks It Again

Last Night SNL was a big hit with the essence of recent American politics. The show was a total rock with the presence of co-creator Bill Burr as a host. Among others, Pete Davison, Maya Rudolph, and musical guest Jack White stole the show.

Saturday Night Live is anyway having the best of all time. The 46th season of SNL is rocking with the best TRP among all the seasons since 2016. However, the unique stage comedy platform is always a bang with their exceptional mimicry performance.

The recent episode of SNL was unusually awkward and relatively silent by the presence of Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris. No, not the real-life politicians were not there in the show. Jim Carrey rocks the character of Joe Biden, whereas Maya Rudolph gave her best shot in the name ofΒ  Kamala Harris. Jack White’s musical performance just was a fantastic addition to the show.

The US Election Was The Theme For the Last Night Episode

The US is already heated up for the up-coming 2020 election. And who is not aware of the recent debate between the present American President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden. The debate landed on a shameful act of argument between the two prominent faces of the US election.

SNL tried to bring back the most heated argument of American history in a funnier way. Saturday Night Live’s last episode was a source of amusement, and they carried the sarcasm so well. The audience enjoys it and burst into a laugh now and then.

SNL Was Lit With Humor And Better Performances

Although they took a controversial topic for the episode, they very smartly avoided the controversy and offered a fantastic piece of comedy. Maya Rudolph was so natural to her Kamal Harris character, and she just brought the best of her. The dialogues, storytelling everything was on the point to give the audience the best entertainment.

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Bill Burr was terrific as the host, and he did not leave a chance to amaze the audience with his hilarious comedy timing. Pete Davison was also impressive in the show, and also there was a little discussion on the mental health of children and how to improve that. Saturday Night Live last was all about humour and the best performance from all the participants in the last episode.

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