Socialite Rebecca Grossman Runs Her Car and Kills Two Young Boys.Check it out now!
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Socialite Rebecca Grossman Runs Her Car And Kills Two Young Boys.

Socialite Rebecca Grossman Runs Her Car And Kills Two Young Boys.: Socialite Rebecca Grossman is cancelled this year. People are calling out for her after she ran her Mercedes over two boys and killed both of them. What’s the worst thing about it is the kids were killed in front of their parent’s eyes in Los Angeles. Check out everything you need to know.

Rebecca Kills Two Kids.

Grossman is a 57-year-old white lady who is famously known to be the publisher of the Westlake. She currently lives in Los Angeles. She has always been in the headlines for her actions. But this was the worst of all.


She was arrested yesterday for killing two young kids in Los Angeles. He killed them in an accident running them over with her white Mercedes. The two boys were Mark Iskander, 11, and his 9-year-old brother.

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During the incident, the kids were crossing the road from the cross path. Β They were walking across the street with their parents until a white Mercedes came and killed the two brothers.


Soon after the incident happened the LA Sheriff Department, tweeted about the incident. They were informing everyone about the bad experience. The Sheriff claimed that after the accident. The two kids were immediately taken to the nearby hospital.


However, by the time they reached the hospital, the kids were pronounced dead. Grossman was arrested immediately when the kids were pronounced dead. Yet, he was released within a day. She was charged at $2 million bails. She will, however, have to visit the court a few times for further inquiries. What does this think about the incident? Do you this Grossman should have been bailed this quick even after killing two kids?

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