The Tragic Death Of Sofia Gomez In New York, Has Come To A Conclusion.Check out everything you need to know.
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Sofia Gomez’s Tragic Death In NYC Has Come To A Conclusion

Sofia Gomez’s Tragic Death In NYC Has Come To A Conclusion: The Tragic Death of a 20-year-old last year in New York is still under investigation. New York’s attorney made an announcement today claiming that the investigation is on and the women will get fair justice. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Tragic Death Of Sofia Gomez

Sofia Gomez, 20 was crossing the streets at night in New York City when she was severely hit by a vehicle. She was very severely injured after the incident and died three days after. According to the reports she has to the city to visit her relatives.

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The incident was very tragic. The nearby CCTV camera recorded the video of her death. It was uploaded on social media and later went viral. People all around the world are wishing her family the best and are praying for her.


Attorney General Letitia James made a statement today claiming that the civil armed forces and the sheriffs are looking into the matter closely and the woman’s family will get justice soon.


Gomez was a Japanese woman who recently shifted to America for a better life. Soon after she died, her sister was interviewed. The family showed their grief and said Sofia was a very hard working woman and wanted to achieve a lot in her life.


A senior law enforcement official told NBC New YorkΒ that the man who hit Sofia was on a call with someone and couldn’t control the speed when he suddenly saw a human coming on his way. And the accident happened. The man then stopped the car and took Sofia to the hospital. However, she couldn’t survive and is no more.

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