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Sofie Dossi Wows Her Fans With Her Latest Acrobatic Act On Instagram! Check It Out!

Sofie Dossi
Source: Pinterest

Who Is Sofie Dossi?

Sofie Dossi Wows Her Fans With Her Latest Acrobatic Act-On Instagram! Check It Out!: If you are one of those who spend their hours scrolling through YouTube, then you would have found Sofie Dossi. Sofie is a gymnast who has a huge YouTube channel with more than 5 million subscribers.

The turning point in her career came when she came to America’s Got Talent. Not only did she perform well, she even got a golden buzzer and made it to the top ten of that season. Her exposure to the show made people follow her on YouTube and Instagram, and now she has a big fan base.

Sofie Dossi
Source: Pinterest

Sofie Dossi’s Stunt On Tube Top Makes People Go Crazy

Sofia Dossi is used to swaying her audience with her flexible moves. The same happened when she posted a video on Instagram recently. In the video, Sofie flaunts her incredible balancing act even as people wondered about her immense focus and control while moving to the tunes of some song.

She had many thin poles on which she was balancing with her hands. She did much jaw-dropping stuff like splitting the legs while holding her hands on the light poles. Her fans who are always in awe of her work did not shy away from expressing the same one more time.

Sofie Dossi Answers If She Is Member Of Hype House

Hype House is a house in LA where TikTok personalities live collectively. There were strong rumours that Sofie was going to join the members of Hype House, but she put an end to these rumours. She made it very clear that she is not a member of Hype House. She said:

β€œNo, I am not in the Hype House. I am friends with a lot of the people in the Hype House, but no, I am not in the Hype House.”

Sofie Dossi’s Connection With Hype House

The reason behind the rumours was her connection with the Hype House members. She even went to the house for a vlog. However, now it looks like she was trying to collaborate with other personalities to boost each other’s career.


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