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Soledad O’Brien & Megyn Kelly Get Into A Nasty Twitter Beef!

Soledad during an interview
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Soledad O’Brien & Megyn Kelly Get Into A Nasty Twitter Beef!: With the surge of the COVID in New York City, several officials, journalists and activists were vocal about their experiences and health protocols.

In the midst of this, 53-year-old broadcaster, Soledad O’Brien, recently expressed her displeasure and opinions towards the new mask mandate protocol led by Dr Anthony Fauci.

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However, Megyn Kelly, a journalist, got into a nasty spat with Soledad over New York’s COVID response. To know more about the Twitter war, read on.

New York Is Fine!

Not a long ago, Fox and Friends’ meteorologist Janice Dean, reposted Dr Fauci’s video. In the video, Dr Fauci said that they handled the New York pandemic ‘correctly.’ Dr Fauci said:

“When you do it properly, you bring down those cases… we have done it in New York. New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly.”

To this, Dean, who recently lost both her in-laws to COVID, said:

“This is garbage. Sorry, Dr Fauci. 32,000 deaths. 6,000 seniors? Nope.”

Mitch McConnell

However, Soledad, who explicitly agrees to Dr Fauci, wrote:

“Meteorologist weighs in.”

Nonetheless, the-year-old Megyn Kelly came in to support Dean as well. Let’s see what Kelly said.

Megyn Kelly To The Rescue!

Kelly indeed was one of the media figures to drop in, in defence of Dean. She tweeted:

“That ‘meteorologist’s’ name is @JaniceDean. She’s a working mom w/MS who is married to a hero 9/11 fireman. She lost both her in-laws in NY nursing homes thanks to Cuomo’s disastrous orders & so yeah, she gets an opinion. She also epitomizes class, and kindness Remember those?”

Megyn Kelly in the frame
Source: Chicago Crusader

To this, O’Brien didn’t keep quiet but indirectly called her out on her blackface controversy. Soledad said:

“What did I do to deserve the blackface lady tweeting at me while I’m still in bed? This doesn’t bode well for my day, tbh.”

With this, their nasty fight began with neither of them backing out. Kelly immediately responded. She said:

“Oh, let me help you. You attacked a woman grieving her dead relatives for challenging the narrative that NY handled Corona just great, dismissing her as too small to have an opinion because she’s just a meteorologist.”

Megyn Kelly in the frame
Source: Us Weekly

O’Brien further said:

“1. Megyn admits she’s the backface lady. 2. I literally pointed out she’s a meteorologist- ‘small’ is your word. Hmmm. You’re welcome to accept her POV over an infectious disease expert. 3. Fauci’s quote is accurate. He said to bring down those cases.”

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What’s Going To Happen?

Nicole Saphier, a 38-year-old physician and Fox News contributor said that NYC and New Jersey has done a good job, however, the unattended COVID cases lingered thousands of lives as to the poor decisions of the nursing homes. She added:

“You can both be right. Rather than mock, perhaps acknowledge she’s suffering and support her grief.”




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