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Soledad O’Brien’s Opinions Differ On Social Distancing!

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Soledad O’Brien’s Opinions Differ On Social Distancing!: With the surge of the Coronavirus Pandemic, several Journalists and Activists are coming together and educating the citizens about the safety protocols.

In the midst, the 53-year-old broadcaster, Soledad O’Brien is making the headlines with the differences of opinion on the COVID situation. Several journalists and citizens have shown their displeasure over O’Brien attitude towards the situation.

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Let’s get into the details of this controversy.

Soledad’s Stance

Recently, Soledad took a stance about Coronavirus and called out Fox and Friends meteorologist’s tweet to do so. We are well aware that just a few days back, Dr Anthony Fauci updated the health care protocols and asked the citizens to mandate a mask for their protection.

Soledad O'Brien
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The mask mandate protocol is rising in New York to help flatten the curve. However, Soledad agrees with Dr Fauci but has her opinions to share.

Fox and Friends’ meteorologist, Janice Dean, reposted Dr Fauci’s interview and called it ‘garbage.’ However, Dean lost both her in-laws to COVID.

Indicating that Dean’s title doesn’t make her a specialist, Soledad sarcastically wrote:

“Meteorologist weighs in.”

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The Spat!

Unfortunately, the Fox community didn’t appreciate O’Brien’s comment and soon, a Twitter spat shot up with both the sides on the boiling point. Moreover, Dean herself intervened and gave a reply to Soledad. She said:

“Thirty thousand deaths in New York. Ove six thousand COVID patients shoved into the nursing homes, killing over 6,000 elderly. I’d say New York didn’t do the greatest job. Thanks for getting my title right, though.”

Soledad O'Brien
Source: Closer Weekly

Several Journalists such as Meghan McCain also supported Dean saying:

“Love you, Janice.”

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Kelly Intervenes!

Megyn Kelly, a 49-year-old Journalist, intervened and reminded O’Brien about Janice. She said:

“The meteorologist’s name is @JaniceDean. She’s a working mom who is married to a 9/11 hero fireman. She lost both her in-laws in NY nursing homes thanks to Cuomo’s disastrous orders, and so yeah, she gets an opinion. She also epitomizes class and kindness. Remember those?”

However, O’Brien didn’t back out and brought up Kelly’s blackface controversy that removed her from her NBC show in 2018. Unfortunately, this spat went on to be a dirty beef between the two.

Let us know if you think Soledad O’Brien is right or wrong!


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