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Solo Leveling Season 2: Fans Signing Petition For Season 2 Comeback? Here Is Everything For You!

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Season 2: Solo Leveling is a popular web novel from South Korea. Famous author Chu-Gong wrote the novel. It published by D&C Media under the Papyrus label. This novel licensed in English by Wednovel in the title Only I Level Up.

Solo Leveling Season 2: Plot

In the series, there are two different universes of trackers and beasts. While trackers can pursue the beasts. There is a passage between these two universes. From there, the beasts came into the world to kill the people. The protagonist Sung-Jin Woo is the vulnerable tracker among the other ones.

Solo Leveling

All trackers trapped in an unsafe area by the beasts. However, some trackers know how to escape from the place. But Sung-Jin Woo succeeds in surviving a dangerous dungeon. After surviving, he became an unbelievable and powerful player from the level of E- hunter by dealing extraordinarily with all the troubles.

He became S-hunter, which means he is among the best. Now his target is to find his lost father and to maintain and use his power in the right way by defending against the nations of the different universes.

Solo Leveling 2: Release Date

The extraordinary plot of Solo Leveling impressed watchers. So it is expecting that another season will be released by the creative team. It took a long time to release after season 1. Season 1 of Solo Leveling released on 19th March in 2020, and there is no official announcement about the release date of Solo Leveling 2.

Solo Leveling

Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. They made a Petition of 1,31,000 signatures though 1,50,000 signatures are needed. If the whole thing stays and goes well, then season 2 of Solo Leveling will release in the middle of the next year.

Solo Leveling 2: Cast

In this season, the protagonist Sung-Jin Woo will bring energetic and exciting events to us. The characters like Byng gu, King Ant, and Go Joon hee will be noticed in this season. The additional character will be in the Star cast if the plot demands or needs.

Solo Leveling 2:Trailer

There is no official trailer released of this season as the project. Also, officials didn’t confirm it still now.

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