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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, What Will Be Storyline? Get To Know The Updates!


Solo Leveling

Solo LevelingΒ is a South KoreanΒ web novel written by Chu-Gong. The novel has also been licensed in English under the title Only I Level Up. This novel was serialized in KakaoPage on March 4, 2018. Jang Sung-rak illustrated the series.

The story of the series connects us to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds.Β  However, some people are born with the powers and the ability to hunt them. These people are called hunters. Sung Jin-Woo plays the leading role of the series. Jin-Woo is, however, the weakest of the rank E hunters.

His fellow hunters mock him by calling him as the weakest. One day, Jin-Woo and the hunters get trapped in a dangerous dungeon. Out of them, only a few of them escape. However, Sung Jin-Woo himself survives and turns into a player who can now see an interface showing him quests.

Release Date Of Solo Leveling Season 2

The first season of the series ends on March 19, 2020. However, it attracted a large number of the audience around the globe. So, the series is now having plans for the second season to surprise the audience.

Since it is only two months since the first season ended, we need to wait a little more for season 2. The production and filming are yet to start after the current come into control.

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Is The Trailer For Solo Leveling’s Season 2 Out?

As for now, the trailer for the second season is not out yet. But once the release date gets confirmation, we can expect the trailer to be out soon.

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Who Will Be Returning In The Second Season Of Solo Leveling?

As we know, the main characters of the show are Jo Byung-Gyu and GoJoon-hee. As we know, Jin-Woo has more chances to reappear in this season too. The series may also show Jin-Woo’s father and King Ant whom Jin-Woo defeats.

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Solo Leveling Season 2?

At the end of the previous season, we have seen Jin-Woo opening a door and fighting with the monster. So there are chances that the plot of Solo Leveling season 2 entirely revolves around Sung Jin-Woo. So, this is all we can expect the plot to be.

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