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Solo Leveling Season 2: World Of Jung- Woo Latest Release Plot Update

Solo Leveling Season 2 Details
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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date, Plot, And Other Details: Solo Leveling is a South Korean web-novel written by Chu-Gong. The genre is action fantasy, which makes it even more fascinating. The novel is also in English under the name Only I Level Up.

The Webtoon adaptation got serialized in Kakao Page, and Jang Sung-rak has illustrated it. The first season finished on 19th March 2020. Since then, fans all over the world have been hoping for the second season.

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Let us get into the details of Solo Leveling and check out what updates we have!

Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date Updates

The first season finale ended with a massive cliffhanger with Jin Woo entering the gate, which turned red. It indicates that Jin Woo is going to face uncalled dangers in his way.
The second season’s release dates got confirmed for April 2020 but, due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, it got delayed. Fans have been waiting for the next season because of its over-the-top comparisons between the real and parallel worlds.
Collage of All Characters for Solo Leveling
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However, the makers might give out the release date soon after the COVID Pandemic comes to a rest. We are estimating that they will release the next season somewhere around the first half of 2021.

Solo Leveling 2: Plot Details

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The basic gist of the plot is for one to assault and pursue beasts to maintain peace in the world. Sung Jin- Woo is known to be the vulnerable tracker (tracker can pursue beasts).
Solo Leveling 2: Fan Art
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The beasts trapped all the trackers in an unsafe district, and a few trackers decide to leave the ‘hell hole.’ The story is about two universes of trackers and beasts; the beasts come in the trackers’ world via a passageway to murder commoners.
It is about how Sung Jin-Woo becomes a trained player and tracks down the ways to get out of the situation.

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Solo Leveling 2: Other Details

As of now, there are no teasers or trailers available for Solo Leveling 2. Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, everything got shut. We feel the makers will give us the release date as well as the trailer and teaser in the second half of the year.

We hope to get an insight into the world of Jung- Woo soon! Stay tuned to find out more!

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