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Sony CEO Jim Ryan Says “PS5” Will Launch This Year Globally!

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PlayStation 5 Updates

PS5 is an upcoming home video game console. So, Sony Interactive Entertainment is developing this product. Also, Sony is manufacturing this new home video console. However, many people know all the features and specifications of the new console. Sony released a Magazine and a short video stating all the updates of the upcoming console. So, fans have the most exciting part as the controller input of the console is DualSense.

Also, the new console has Most PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR games have its Backward Compatibility. However, the new console is specialized with a solid-state drive, and with a custom AMD GPU capable of ray tracing. Thus, new this console will support both downloadable and disc-based games. Recently, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has made sensational comments on the release of new PlayStation.

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Recent Updates On PS5

So, as per recent updates, Sony remained hopeful of giving the PS5 release will be in the upcoming months of the year, across the globe. Sony CEO Jim Ryan said that “Do not expect PS5 games to work on the PS4 though, nor for the PS5 to be the cheapest console either”. Also, the Sony new console will be ahead of this June 4, due to the racism movements happening in the United States.

However, the new console is ready with many new games and exciting features. Thus, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the upcoming PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, everyone is staying at home for two months. So, gamers are having a lot of free time and want to explore some new games. Also, Sony is trying its best to release the new console for the players.

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Other Details

Sony CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that the PS5 remains on track to launch this holiday season globally. So, as per the thoughts of Ryan, Playstation 5 will be something complete break from the previous version.

Ryan has made some comments on the financial conditions of selling an expensive device in 2020. So, he said that “providing the best possible value proposition that we can”. However, there is no exact price of the new console.


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