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Sony Gears Up For PS5 Event Scheduled On September 16th, Wednesday!

Playstation 5 Reveal Event Postponed! Source: Polygon

Sony Gears Up For PS5 Event Scheduled On September 16, Wednesday!: Sony has announced a PlayStation 5 event next week. On September 16, Wednesday it will air a 40 minutes digital showcase.

Before the console launch, Sony promotes it by stating “one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!.)”

Sony Gears Up For PS5 Event Scheduled On September 16th, Wednesday
Source: NDTV Gadgets 360

Sony PlayStation Release Date And Price Aren’t Fixed Yet

There are chances that theΒ  PlayStation 5 price and the release dates will also get announced. Last month saw the preordering for Β PlayStation 5. However, no official statement is released regarding its price and launch date by the company.

Sony has showcased the console hardware of PS5 this week. It seems that we’ll have to wait till Wednesday to find out the details.

PS5 Will Have 2 Models, A digital One And A Regular Edition

The company also surprised everyone by its recent announcement of having two models. Sony has two options in PS5, and the price will vary accordingly. Customers are free to choose between disc-less digital edition and regular PS5.

The digital edition will not have an optical disc. It means that Sony will get a share each time someone purchases a game from its play store. Also, there is no mention allowance of reselling games or the option to loan games. Its sale will be affected if these aspects aren’t meet.

The regular edition will consist of a 4K Blu-ray drive. The price of the next-generation console will play an essential factor for Sony as well as Microsoft. Times are hard and to gain a profit, the companies should price check their models carefully to gain maximum profit. However, one thing is for sure that the digital PS5 will be priced lower than the regular edition.

Sony Vs Microsoft

Microsoft has fixed Xbox preorders date on September 22, 2020. Its price is at $499. Sony’s PlayStation 5 will took place on Wednesday at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT.

Let us seen which company manages to win customers hearts, Sony or Microsoft. Well, a better judgement can get made after Sony’s PS5 event.

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