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Sony WF-XB700: Cheapest True Wireless Headphones Available In Market? Check Out The Details!

Sony Wireless Headphone

Sony WF-XB700: Who don’t want a wireless headphone to flaunt? It is fashionable, more advanced and useful one. But that’s come at a huge price point. So, most of us don’t even think to buy it. But Sony decided to launch not just one but two truly wireless headphones at a much low price point.
Here we gonna talk about the WF-XB700 headphone from Sony. Where other wireless headphones cost over lakhs of rupees, this headphone doesn’t cost even 10k in this market. It costs you only 9,990 rupees in the Indian market.

Sony Wireless Headphone

Sony WF-XB700: How Good It Is?

The WF-XB700 headphones come with a compact charging case. It has LED lights inside which illuminates the semi-transparent case when charing. There is no other charging case available for now for wireless headphones. Though the ear pods themselves are quite larger than we expected it to be, but it is not bad anyway. The larger size indicates that there is a larger drive inside.

Besides the size, there are no issues with Sony’s WF-XB700 headphones so far. Some people reported that the headphone well stayed at their ear if when they are brisk walking. And the formula is to twist them when wearing, properly so it can firmly be placed in the ears.

Sony Wireless Headphone

The design of Sony WF-XB700 truly wireless headphones is not complicated at all. The two headphone sides can easily pair with any device. One can easily control its volume. Navigation from it is also easy using two small buttons on both sides.

The volume control buttons are on the left. While the skip and pause button is on the right side. The right side button also helps to receive calls as well as to initiate the voice assistants. One of the best features of the headphone is that the headphones are splash-proof. So, one can easily wear it on monsoon days as well as in gyms easily.

As the Sony’s WF-XB700 is an extra bass headphone. It especially gives a greater experience to the songs with high and low notes. So, go buy and do play your favourite playlist on the headphone. It’s a thumbs up from us.

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