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Sony Will Unveil The PlayStation 5 Design By Coming Month!

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5

According to a report, the PlayStation 5 is supposed to release this fall, and there are no plans to delay the console.Β  But if Microsoft delays the release of its Xbox Series X in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Sony may do the same.

Expectations On The Price

The PS5 may come up with a higher price than expected. However, it will be available only in limited quantity in the beginning. Whatever may happen with the PS5 launch, it’s clear that the COVID-19 crisis destroys Sony’s marketing plans for the new console.

PS5 is one of the most furiously anticipated products in February. But the coronavirus outbreak may have stimulated Sony to cancel its press event. Sony called out of various trade shows because of the growing health concerns.

The stunning design of the new PS5 releasing soon.

Will PS5 Come Into Action By Next Month?

Microsoft unveils the design of the Xbox Series X in mid-December at a gaming event. The company then announced the full specs of the console between February and March, developing quite a lead on Sony.

We do know that Sony unveiled the PS5 specs a few weeks ago. It also unveiled the new DualSense controller for the new console. But the PS5 design is still missing in action. However, it looks like it will be revealed as soon as next month.

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Daniel Ahmad’s Word

Ahmad says that the first proper next-gen console showcase is much earlier, without even revealing any dates. The huge admonition is COVID-19, of course. However, we cannot guess what will happen in the coming months. On the contrary, no amount of modelling can predict what happens once social distancing measures are lifted.

The new dual sense controller of the futuristic PS5.

PlayStation 5: Video Game Chronicles

Additionally, Video Game Chronicles claims to have learned from one person familiar with Sony’s plans that the company intends to put its PS5 reveal in May. This announcement would bring us the final design of the PS5.

A report says that Sony unveiled the DualSense design only because the controller would have been leaked. The PS5 design is allegedly a much better-kept secret.

VGC says that Microsoft is planning more reveals in May. However, COVID-19 restrictions may prevent any of these rumoured announcements from taking place officially.

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