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Sophia Scraver 2-years-old, Gets Her Arm Torn-Off By Wolf Dog Sophia Scriver (2), had her right arm

Sophia Scraver lost her right arm below the elbow in the shocking incident

Sophia Scriver (2), had her right arm detached below the elbow when she put her arm into the cage of a wolf-dog.

Sophia Scraver 2-years-old, Gets Her Arm Torn-Off By Wolf Dog

The incident took place at her grandmother’s animal breeding sanctuary, which was raided on Friday by authorities in Michigan in the US.

Sophia Scraver 2-years-old, Gets Her Arm Torn-Off

According to the reports, the little girl had part of her arm torn off. This incident took place when she reached inside the cage of a wolf-dog. This was an illegal animal breeding facility.

Sophia Scraver 2-years-old, Gets Her Arm Torn-Off By Wolf Dog
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Two-year-old Sophia Scraver suffered the horrendous injury at an animal rehabilitation. The facility is in Michigan, in the US and operated by her grandmother.

The horrifying incident took place on July 23, when Sophia stuck an arm into a wolf-dog cage and a dog latched onto it.

According to investigators, a volunteer tried to free the child’s arm. But it was no help; as a result, the 2-year-old had to lose her arm.

In addition, Conservation Officer Anna Cullen said: β€œNo person should be allowed near those dogs. It’s not fair to this child who lost an arm. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of anyone who may encounter any animal at Howling Timbers, including the health and safety of all the animals at the facility.”

Besides, now, Sophia’s family are appealing for help. So that they can pay for an artificial limb after her left arm was severed beneath the elbow.

Sophia Scraver lost her right arm below the elbow in the shocking incident

Also, in a sentimental plea, her loved ones said that she has a “long road ahead of her”.

EvenΒ GoFundMe had come forward to appeal for the little girl. They made an appeal stating: “As you can see in the photo she is doing very well and still has that beautiful smile, but does have a long road ahead of her.”

Further adding, “Let’s all rally together and raise some money to help cover medical expenses as well as any expenses towards a future prosthetic for her.”

Illegally Beeding Animals In The Facility

After the incident, on Friday, authorities dropped on the Howling Timbers animal sanctuary. They raided the sanctuary and found 47 illegal “wolf dogs”.

Authorities believe 'wolf dogs' were illegally being bred at the facility

Sophia’s grandmother, Brenda Pearson, has denied the claims of the little girl being attacked by an animal. However, she claims that her arm got stuck.

Sophia's grandmother, Brenda Pearson Facebook post
Source: Facebook

She took to Facebook to share a post. In which she described the animal as “friendly” and said he “loved to be groomed”.

The statement read: “Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers led a joint investigation and served a search warrant Friday morning at Howling Timbers, an animal rehabilitation facility in Muskegon that is believed to be illegally breeding and housing animals, including β€œwolf dogs” – a crossbreed between a wolf and dog (or another wolf dog) that is illegal in Michigan unless necessary permits are obtained.

“During today’s search, officers removed six red foxes, three coyotes, four eastern box turtles and two fawns.

“Other non-native wildlife remains on-site, including 47 illegal wolf dogs.”

Illegal wolf dog

The Michigan Department of Natural resources said the facility is has been illegally breeding animals. In a statement on Friday. It said that these include “wolf dogs”.

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