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South Park 24th Season: What We Know

South Park

The long stoic story of South Park is back as it gears up for its upcoming 24th season, courtesy of HBO Max. September this year the show gave us something truly special in the form of an hour-long pandemic style episode. This was a bit different from its usual style but it was able to maintain its originality therein.

What To Expect in 24th Season of South Park

South park
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Technically, the special episode is considered as the first episode of the season. This has led to speculation of the show already ongoing although we are yet to see more episodes. Following the usual pattern, this would mean only nine episodes.

The delay from the show cannot be entirely blamed on coronavirus. This is because creating animations doesn’t need much in terms of gathering, unlike live-action shows. Most of the usual members of the show’s cast will be returning for this season. Also thanks to HBO Max we get to witness the show till 2022.

Stay tuned to get updated on whatever happens on the show. When released, to view it is easy depending on your location, from their website, β€œComedy Central” or on HBO(they own the copyrights). In the UK you try Netflix UK or Amazon Prime Video UK. It would be important to see what comes from this story.


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