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Spider Man 3 – Release Date Postponed,Cast,Plot, Everything You Need To Know

Spider Man

Shocking News Spider Man

The impact of the recent pandemic is seen on everything right? Well it has adversely affected the film industries too postponing release dates. Talking about Spider Man – 3 , the shoot was about to begin on March this year and be released on July 16th, 2021. Sadly ,the filming didn’t start due to the covid 19 outbreak.

We can only pray for the release date still stick to the scheduled one. But deep within, we know it won’t. And it’s difficult to accept . The release date may be postponed to make space for the movies whose filming was at halt due to covid.


Did you know, it’s the 28th film of the MCU and the top billed casts are likely to be our very own heartthrob. Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as MJ.

All the MCU fans out there ,I know you loved the juicy but awkward chemistry between Holland and Zendaya in the previous spiderman movies and I also understand it’s very difficult for you to wait .


Can you guess the director? Well of course you guessed it right!. It’s none other than Jon Watts, the God of the marvel trilogy.

The movie may showcase 2 villains. Villains are so necessary right? What is a superhero without a villain after all.

This movie will portray Henry Cavill as kraven and it’s not yet known which character is going to play the role of the other villain named scorpion. It maybe Michael Mando.

Spoiler Ahead

Like all other sequels, this movie too will pick up from where it left .Β  Remember how Jameson released the footage of Spider manSpider-Man Trilogy: Aged Well Or Irrelevant ? conducting the drone attack thus revealing his real identify and becoming a villain.

Well the new spiderman movie begins just as anticipated where the titular character becomes the public enemy without being able to defend himself from the accusation in the disguise of the high school studentΒ  Peter Parker.

I know you can’t wait. I know you’re very disappointed with the postponed dates and deep within you’re praying that this pandemic should just get over.Β  Trust me ,we all want the same.

Spider Man

The trailor isn’t out yet because the filming had to be kept at hold. So we can just stay home, stay safe and keep anticipating about one hell of a movie yet to come.

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