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Spider-Man Trilogy: Aged Well Or Irrelevant ?

Spider Man

Today we will be talking about Sam Raimi’s directed movie Spider-Man Trilogy and 5 things that prove it to be fine aged and 5 that are still irrelevant. This movie was released in the mid-2000s. It had successfully dominated the theatre back then.Β 

Rope Swinging – Irrelevant In Spider-Man Trilogy

As far as Spider-Man’s Trilogy is a super hit genre of movie series, several scenes gave the audience goosebumps. Also, several scenes that didn’t turn out well in the movie. Such as the swinging scene around New York City. Compared to its previous series, the web-swinging eventually didn’t turn out well.Β Β Β 

Mary Jane – Irrelevant In Spider-Man Trilogy

Because Mary Jane played the unmarried women in distress in Spider-Man’s Trilogy. She got very less amount of screen time. In recognition of her performance, she deserved more screen time.

Goblin’s Design – Irrelevant In Spider-Man Trilogy

Despite Raimi’s efforts in the Spider-Man’s Trilogy to make Green Goblin’s design hard, harsh and fascinating. It turns out that the audience didn’t enjoy the design. It seemed to be awful and just motorcycle rider swinging around.Β 

Visual Effects – Irrelevant In Spider-Man Trilogy

Despite great efforts and work by the productions and editors team in Spider-Man’s trilogy. The audience did not enjoy the visual effects. That eventually did not turn out well. There are several scenes in the movie to highlight these visual effects.Β 

High School Kids – Irrelevant In Spider-ManTrilogyΒ 

Spider-Man’s Trilogy made it very genuine and understandable that Tobey Maguire playing an 18-year-old boy was 25 years old. Seeing this much age difference it is a clear and cut noticeable thing.Β 

Fighting Scenes – Aged Fine

I am sure that each of us enjoys every fighting scene. The same happened with Spider-Man’s Trilogy. The audience enjoyed every fight scene in the movie.Β 

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Comedy – Aged Fine

Raimi tried to include a great amount of humour into the movie. Eventually, it turned out well. In comparison with the lastest Marvel movies, Spider-Man Trilogy has made the audience laugh out perfectly.Β 

Comic Book Series – Aged Fine

Spider-Man’s Trilogy perfectly followed the comic book series. If compared with the famous X-Men series, the audience enjoyed this hugely.Β 

People In New York – Aged Fine

Seeing the effortless capturing and action scenes of the Spider-Man Trilogy, the audience saw the true essence of the New Yorkers. It gave an enhanced feel of the exact way of its inhabitants.Β 

Crying And Love Scenes – Aged Fine

Due to several ups and downs going in Spider Man’s life he becomes emotional. He cries a lot and eventually grabs the audience into it. These scenes helped the audience to establish heart to heart connections.Β 

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