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Spirit Airlines: This Airline Stock Is Low But Not Out!

Spirit Airlines Stock

Spirit Airlines Stock

There’s a lot of airline companies who offer really cheap rides. To be honest, a lot of people want exactly this and thus such companies do profit a lot from these. It started from the bottom with only 10 aircraft but now it has 100+.Β Spirit Airlines is really doing its best.

Spirit Airlines Portfolio

It has its bases all over the country including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando, Detroit, and some more. It is the sixth-best in the whole country. However, it is the largest low-cost airlines all over the United States.

The company started expanding its domestic reach and it did rise in scores. This is always good news because the shareholders are happy with the business too. But there’s always a ‘but’. The downfall came just after 2015 and it lost almost had of its total revenue.

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A Lot Of Cash Yet No Flexibility

Currently, we are in a state of crisis. Business is drowning and airlines have completely shut down. Both international as well as domestic flights are just earning equal to nothing. How is Spirit Airlines managing?

Spirit Airlines Stock

They’re doing just fine. They currently have $1.1 million of unrestricted free-flowing cash. They actually have the highest money to cast ratio in the US. However, they don’t seem to have a lot of assets and some liabilities have piled up too.

A Lot Of Good News Yet Very Risky

The coronavirus pandemic is just booming. We are very uncertain of the near future and it’s actually not knowing when things will go back to normal. But it has to come, sooner or later. And when it does, people will come in scores to return home or move somewhere safer.

Spirit Airlines Stock
Spirit Airlines Stock

Then, Obviously, most will opt for cheaper options because there are no jobs and people are hungry all around. Spirit Airlines seems to have a still bright future ahead. But on the other hand, due to safety precautions, things can turn the opposite way too. Only time can tell.

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