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Spotify Streaming On Apple Watch! It is Here

Source: The Quint

Standalone Streaming For Apple Watch-Spotify Confirms It

We saw Spotify finally begin testing streaming support for its Apple Watch app back in September.

Source: Appleosophy

Something we saw coming with other third-party services like Pandora months earlier. Now it seems that the role could be rolling out more broadly at last.
Reported by Macerkopf (via Google Translate), many users have shared that they are seeing the feature appear on their wearables .(which were not part of Apple Watch’s September streaming test). The following message about the use of Apple Watch options (translated from German) appears in one image:

Would you like to stream Spotify on your Apple Watch? Choose it here.

As anticipated, Macerkopf states that when away from the iPhone. Those who see the streaming option can listen to content. Finally making the Spotify Apple Watch app more than just a remote iPhone control.
Testers say that they can use the streaming service’s Apple Watch software autonomously to download music. Even podcasts over the cellular network or WiFi without an iPhone. This improves the Spotify app greatly. Spotify apparently began making the feature accessible to a wider group of its users over the weekend.

In addition to accessing your library while using streaming on Apple Watch, a recently played segment appears to be there. But one drawback is that there doesn’t seem to be a search option. So you’ll need to depend on Siri. It will pull up unique tracks, artists, albums, etc. when you begin to see the streaming choice.

Furthermore, the most recently played material is available. Sadly, in the app, there is no separate search feature. For this, Siri steps in and offers the title that you’re looking for after a voice order. As normal, you have to send Siri the command to use Spotify to play a certain title, album or genre.

Finally It Has Arrived!

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, has begun to carry out support for standalone streaming through its Apple Watch app.

Source: Kogonuso

According to a report by TechCrunch, the feature remains available in Beta and is not available to all users at this time. But Spotify has confirmed it is rolling out the feature.
The standalone streaming feature will allow users to stream music or podcasts straight from their wrist to a pair of Bluetooth headphones through Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

“We are focused on developing experiences that enable users to listen to Spotify wherever and whenever they want – regardless of the device or platform. After an initial testing period, we are now rolling out streaming capabilities for Spotify on the Apple Watch,” the report quoted a Spotify spokesperson as saying.

A pop-up message:

“Do you want to stream on your Apple Watch? Pick it here” will appear

Upon upgrading, users can opt to stream Spotify on their Apple Watch.

There are currently 320 million monthly active users (MAUs) on the audio streaming service, a 29 percent rise (year-on-year). The company said it now has 144 million Paid subscribers worldwide, up 27% from last year’s same time.
In Q3 2020, Spotify posted EUR 1.9 billion. Reflecting a growth of 19 percent (Y / Y) and revenue from premium subscribers was EUR 1.7 billion and grew by 15 percent (Y / Y).

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