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Star Shad Gaspard, Who Tragically Passed Away Recently At The Age Of 39!

Star Shad Gaspard
Star Shad Gaspard

Shad Gaspard: About The Star

If you used to watch WWE then you obviously must have guessed who the star is! Yes, he was in Crime Tyme and completed in the WWE show under his rename Shad Gaspard itself. As a kid, I remember watching WWE with all my brother’s, and therefore we must understand how his fans must have felt. It’s absolutely devastating for some.

However, he quit pretty early but almost 10 years ago. And what was he doing in this time, you must wonder. He was quite busy with his acting career, even played a decent role in a series. Shad’s acting career too was quite successful.

Ex-WWE star Shad Gaspard goes missing, told rescuers 'save my son'

Careers Beside WWE

Shad was known most popularly for the series From dusk Till Dawn and also some movies like Get Hard, the Game and think like a man too. Have you seen any of these?

Not just movies, he also took part in creating one amazing graphic novel, which was the Assassin and Son.

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Shad Gaspard dead at 39: Tributes pile in for former WWE star ...

Shad’s Death At An Early Age

It was really sad to discover of Shad’s death. He was young and obviously, it was not his time to go. Shad was off to the Venice Beach with his son a few days ago. Presently the lockdown has been a hectic thing and this young man decided to take his son down for a swim.

However, a series of tragic events took place down at the beach. I bet shad would not have known that it would be the death of him. A huge riptide caused them to almost drown but lifeguards almost immediately rushed over.

Obviously, Shad was more concerned about his ten-year-old. On his instructions, the guards went to look for the boy first. However another riptide wiped Shad and he was found dead a few days later by the beach.

All the WWE stars and his friends have shown their gratitude over social media. We all hope his soul rests in peace.

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