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Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Everything You Must Know!

Star trek discovery season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Overview

First and foremost, I always start these sessions by asking, are you a Marvel fan or a DC fan? Haha, no this question would be irrelevant today. Today we will talk especially about Star Trek Discovery Season 3. We will tell you each and every detail you need to know for the same.Β 

Secondly, we all know the effect of coronavirus on the economy and towards the world. WHO has already declared it as a global pandemic. Without any doubt, this has delayed the new season. This is delayed until the next year. But in today’s episodes, we will especially tell you about all the things to give you a brief idea about the same.Β 

Thirdly, let us start the article. You will find all the information you need to know.Β 

Star Trek Discovery Season 3
The cast of the upcoming star trek discovery season 3.

Release Date

Firstly, we all know every entertainment corner is filled with the news of star trek. Some true, some false. Alex Kurtzman gave an interview for the same. All the details he mentioned have been confirmed.

Secondly, Star Trek: Picard is now ending. Still, we do not have the official release date of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. Also as per the rumors, the series was supposed to be launched in April. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, everything is stopped.Β 

Thirdly, we all saw the Instagram live video. Creators are still editing the visual graphics effect for season three. As everyone is working from home, the process is taking a lot of time. However, they would work hard for the next season.Β 

Star trek discovery season 3
The image portraying the plot from star trek discovery season 2.

About Season Three Trailer

Firstly, we all saw the trailer for season three on 5th October 2019. The trailer does not give much idea for the new season. Still, it is satisfying and interesting. The crew will be sent 930 years ahead in the future.Β 

Secondly, it is not yet clear if the United Federation of Planets will be working or not. Cleveland Booker is the new character to be seen in the series.Β 

Last but not least, stay tuned for more updates.Β 

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