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Jedi Fallen Order lives off its atmosphere in a third-person adventure. The game looks great, especially on the forest planet Kashyyyk. The jungleΒ  never looked so beautiful and invited to explore

The game was launched on PS 4, Xbox One and PC on the 15th Β of November 2019 by the publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment. The Β launch fitted the holiday time, due to the release of the movie-The Rise of Skywalker and the TV series The Mandalorian


Fallen Order is one of the most commercially successful Star Wars video games of all time. It has already surpassed the sales, expecting for the whole financial year

When the game was Β first launched it was sold at $70, later the original price was $34, and it was made affordable at just $28

The game had issues on launch, mostly it’s fixed, but still, some problems exist. Players came across several bugs, freezes, crashes

“If we had a little bit more time, it would’ve been better” Respawn’s’s CEO


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The player play as Cal Kestis, a force-sensitive Padawan who survived Order 66

  • BD-1 – The steadfast droid companion
  • Great- lighthearted, comedic, and rough around the edges, is the steadfast pilot
  • Cere-the rebel mentor to Cal
  • Saw Gerrera– a much younger and less robotic version
  • The Second Sister -The main antagonist, a Sith Inquisitor who is sent out to dispatch the leftover Jedi Knights
  • The Ninth Sister- She’s mean, huge and ends up chopped in half by the end of this game


The game is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and Cal on the run which is yet to understand the full breadth of his powers. The player hops between multiple beautiful planets, along with a lovable supporting cast as the crew.

There are more backstories, as well. The 15-20 hour campaign packs in the sense of discovery and adventure that fans crave for.

The game will present a number of David vs Goliath puzzles to unpick, as well as someΒ  platforming and bombastic set-pieces

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