Star Wars Update :EA Keeps Cancelling Star Wars Video Games: Why?

EA Keeps Cancelling Star Wars Video Games: Why?

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An American video game company, Electronic Arts are headquartered in Β Redwood City, California.

Based on revenue, the firm is the second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe.

It was recently observed that EA (Electronic Arts) keeps canceling the Star War Video games projects for different reasons.

Three Star Wars Cancelled

From the time when EA got its position as publishing rights for the franchise from Disney, it has canceled almost three Star Wars games. This also includes that it canceled Battlefront spin-off games.

EA has declared and announced a lot of reasons for cancellation of the games.

EA is the most hated company by the fans. Fans hated when Electronic Arts company took over the Star War regions for the first time.

Things took a wrong place when the publisher began its Star Wars with 2015’s Battlefront. It was completely unexciting. This led to Star Wars enter into a bad future.

The company also announced that it is going to shut down the Visceral Games. It also announced that it is going to cancel the studio’s single-player Star WarsΒ game,Β “Project Ragtag.”

Later this project was given to EA Vancouver, but then the developer’s War Games were also canceled.

The third cancellation of War games, which happened recently, proves the defective development of the game under EA.


Reasons for Cancellation

According to the report, the recent Star War game namedΒ “Viking” was supposed to be a Battlefront spin-off with open-world elements. EA started to work on this project after its previous Star War game was canceled.

But again, the project they were working on a problem stating it considers “too many cooks.”

The reason for the cancellation of other War games was it was filled with too many ideas and less of focus leading to development struck.

Realizing that the development of “Viking” being bad and struck, the firm scrapped the project. EA was planning to launch it on Xbox Series and PS5.

EA started working on Viking because of its previous game development Orca. Orca had a feature of exploring the open-world and had a smuggler-type character.

So EA thought that it needs more time to work on Viking, so it canceled the Orca. Now, as Viking is also canceled, EA is coming up with working on smaller Star War Games.

So, no one knows what EA is coming up with. Let us hope that the upcoming project also does not gets canceled.





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