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Starfield Leaked Image Is Probably Falsy, But just Fantasize!


Starfield: Bethesda’s Latest RPG

Starfield is the first RPG in 20+ years, and a lot is relying on it. It has been almost a decade since there are cautious plannings regarding Starfield. Since it was officially announced along with a trailer around two years ago, it has faced some serious fake/real leaks.

One such recent leak making its way around Twitter and Reddit I’d the video. Previously an image claimed to be from the game too, screening a man on top of what seems to be a cliff.

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Leaked Image!

Now, we all must be aware of the fact that before the release of famous movies or games, several fake posts lurk online. Similarly, there appears to be a leaked video of the Starfield gameplay which is of rather low quality.

The leaked gameplay image of Bethesda’s Starfield.

The video keeps getting taken down for various reasons. It has a peculiar logo in the footage, and this could be the reason why. However, it would happen only if the video were legit. Do you think the footage could be real?

It shows a blurry capture of what the game could be like. But the thing is, it resembles Elite type gameplay. There is a huge possibility that it was a poorly attempted fake video meant to gain attention.

Release Date And Expectations

We are expecting a lot from Starfield. Todd Howard has told us that they have been planning it out for a decade and we might have to wait for more. They have other things to take care of before this. With Elder Scrolls 6 on the way and Fallout before that, the minimum is expected.

Another leaked image of Starfield surfing viral all over the internet.

There was a trailer which came out around E3 2018. It shows us a word- constellation. The desert and the space station with hints of snow on the camera suggests an exciting concept. Perhaps a science fiction gameplay?

The release date is far from near. Todd has been talking about it around E3 and let’s hope he does so this year too.

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