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Starfire’s New Supersuit Teaser For Titans Season 3

Starfire Titans


There has been much buzz and speculation surrounding one of DC’s famous show Titans. Titans were set to get a new season in the final half of 2020. The fans got very excited about this release. Unfortunately, as with many other television shows, the filming of Titans came to a standstill due to the emergence of the COVID-19. To help them bear the weight, Titans released a photo of Starfire’s new super suit.


What this means for Titans

There is still so much speculation and without a definite statement from HBO Max themselves. All we can do is give an educated guess to say that we may likely see the show. This might be around March or April of 2021 since the play resumed filming around October of 2020. While this may seem like an eternity, there is good news:


The situation, however, has not stopped the cast from releasing teaser images much to the delight of fans. One of which is a picture of Jason Todd in a new costume as the Red Hood. But recently another idea has been released causing even more uproar among the fans.


Starfire’s New Supersuit

As the show undergoes filming, another image has been released courtesy of Titans; the photo shows us Starfire(Anna Diop) in a brand new costume, the image which was released on Monday 24, November is offered to give her sufficient protection and comfort while still looking badass enough to fight alongside her teammates like Nightwing and Hawk. This is such a big deal because before this Starfire is seen to go to battle wearing only muftis with probably a coat and this can prove problematic.




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