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Step Ahead Working On Revolutionary Design With A ‘Wraparound Display’- APPLE

Step Ahead Working On Revolutionary Design With A 'Wraparound Display'- APPLE
5G iPhone By Apple

“Love Doesn’t Come Cheap”-APPLE

” Away towards the future, by such revolutionary acts, it could be expected that the future iPhones could be completely made out of the glass and have a ‘wraparound touch screen.’ ” As it has been patented, so it is prone to be called out with the name of ” Electronic device with glass enclosure” by the US Patent and Trademark office.

SO, there has been a piece of information outboxed for all the iPhone lovers, after listening to this ” your cup of happiness will flow out,” so apple here is working on a revolutionary new all-glass iPhone design with a wraparound display, to make it look more attractive, which is again a piece of hot news to drive people crazy.


so there is no denial in the fact that Androids are more smarter than humans, but we should not forget the fact that the invention is done by a human only, so leaving this here, it is a most revolutionary step taken by -like to upgrade and create a wraparound display, it is just an out of the box, innovation. IT may be possible that it had been done so because of the demand made by its customers in the market, but just to believe in the mere statement that apple is not tinkering with ideas, this is not something, one could believe.


APPLE has been working on this revolutionary feature for quite some time, but for the first time, it was revealed in the year 2013.

IT has been officially disclosed about the fact that Apple is working on an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound touch screen and in be describes as six-sided glass-enclosed with the device’s entire surface being touch-sensitive, which will display all the icons and images on any surface with touch-sensitive.

The sketch of the phone can be seen with ‘curved edges ‘ of the device from all the sides with some information placed on them, and the amazing thing is that it also shows the wallpaper stretched with some information at the bottom side.

This also means that all the volume and power buttons on the sides, along with the hardware mute switch of an iPhone that you see now, will be displaced with ‘interactive glass sides,’ making the entire device look like a glass pebble. Apple reveals that the ‘transparent structure’ forms a continuous loop around the periphery of the electronic device with the electronic components in a ‘transparent housing.’

IN addition to this, there are also some of the efforts made in regards to the fingerprint touch system, that now the new palming security system seems to be inspired by the idea that the iPhone should be unlocked on the moment the owner picks it up.


APPLE recently patented iPhone design consisting of a six-sided glass enclosure, and a wraparound glass display, nowhere the point is that what is the benefit for such an innovation – so here the answer is that it had been done so to allow its users a pertinent view of information on the side of the device, along with the bottom and top edges of device. according to the drawings, it depicts a device that looks like a thin football and a screen that wraps around a central component where all the internal parts live.


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