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Steve Bing Had Just $300,000 Left In His Name At The Time of His Death

Steve Bing Had Just $300,000 Left In His Name At The Time of His Death
Source: Page Six

Steve Bing, the person who inherited $600 million from his grandfather’s real estate developer, had just $300,000 left in his name at the time of his death. He got this massive amount of money at the age of 18.

Bing’s Real Estate Money Was Supposed To Go To The Clinton Foundations, But Several Debts Need To Be Settled

Reportedly, this shattered him and led to the extreme step of suicide. Steve Bing committed suicide at the age of 55. The court decided that his real estate will be handed over to his daughter, Kira, and tennis champion Lisa Bonder.

However, the money was supposed to go to the Clinton Foundation. But, several debts need to be settled before the money is transferred there.

Steve Bing Became Sober Several Months Before Committing Suicide

Steve Bing was a Hollywood producer by profession. He suffered from substance abuse in the past. Reports claim that he became quite sober several months before committing suicide. His behaviour was changed. Bing was also seeing a therapist twice a day.

He even rebounded with his son Damian from the actress Elizabeth Hurley. An ex-lover of Bing said that she saw two sides of him. Β β€œHe could be charming, generous, kind, the life of the party, but at the end of the day, he went home alone. He was a very lonely guy,” said she.

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