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Steve Carell Opens About His Emotional Roller-coaster On Leaving ‘The Office’ !

Steve Carell
Source: Insider

Steve Carell Talks About Leaving The Office

Steve Carell has become a household name ever since entered the lives of millions of people through TV series The Office. The show became a big hit and Steve Carell became an even bigger name to an extent where he was synonymous with the show. However, fans got a huge blow when he decided to end his stint in the show by the time it reached the seventh season. As emotional it was for the fans, Steve revealed it was similar when he shot it. He said, β€œ’It was almost more than I bargained for… I had [goodbye] scenes with everyone in the cast and it was emotional torture.”

Steve Carell Talks About His Emotional Rollercoaster Ride On His Last Episode

Steve Carell further described what it was like to shoot the last episode. He feels the episode was more than perfect as it was a culmination of all emotions. Moreover, he got the opportunity to give closure to the character and also with all other characters. He said, β€œIt was like just fraught with emotion… and joy and sadness and nostalgia. But it was also really beautiful. I’d like treasure just doing that episode because it did allow me to kind of have finality with everybody.”

Jenna Fischer Remembers Her Goodbye To Steve Carell

Jenna Fischer revealed that her goodbye to Steve was so emotional that by the end of it, the two were crying like crazy and she just didn’t want to let go of Steve. She said, β€œI ran up to Steve, and I just told him all the ways I was going to miss him and how grateful I was for his friendship and the privilege of working with him. And I’m sobbing, and he’s sobbing, and we’re hugging, and I didn’t want to let him go, and I didn’t want the scene to end.”

Steve Carell
Source: Vanity Fair

Where Can You Watch Steve Carell In The Office

The Office is available on both Netflix and Prime. Since it is a very popular show with lots and lots to laugh, you will probably end up re-watching the show from scratch.

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