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Steve Harvey To Be Removed From Family Feud After Complaints

Source: News Break

Family Feud May Continue Without Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey To Be Removed From Family Feud After Complaints:Β Steve Harvey jokes could become the reason why the long-running family game show could be cancelled. It is according to the National Enquirer.

Source: Gossip Cop

Complaints about his dirty jokes and non-stop innuendo on the show have been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission.

“Shocked Americans griped to the agency about the prime-time show’s reliance on smutty jokes and sexual references – with one calling the rude questions and answers’ incredibly offensive content.”

The FCC has received about 50 complaints since 2015, according to the outlet. At the same time, other game shows get about less than 10.

The Enquirer also reported a few grievances focused around Harvey. Until they said that after NBC cancelled his self-titled show, heΒ losing his work at” Little Big Shots, he is still stinging from a double whammy.
The sources acknowledged that even though “Family Feud” snagged the top of syndicated game shows’ rating lists. The future is not clear for Steve Harvey. A source, however, told the Enquirer that the success of the show might not be enough for the notorious master of the game show.

They revealed, “Steve needs to talk with his producers and rein in the edgy content, or the network could fire him.”

Source Claim It May Be Untrue

Source: Variety

In a Gossip, Cop report was stated that the tale of the National Enquirer is untrue.
They claim that the whole shtick of “Family Feud” is that Harvey is taken aback by the inappropriate responses of the players. He behaves as though he does not want national TV to say certain kinds of answers. Owing to how they are worded on the game show, some of the players are often strongly encouraged to express vulgar responses. It has become a tradition that traces very humble origins back to ‘Family Feud’s’.
Gossip Cop claims that if “cleanliness” was the issue of the show, it shouldn’t be addressed to Steve Harvey. But to the family-oriented show’s producers instead.
Executives should take it up with the “Family Feud” producers and writers, not with Harvey.

Not unexpectedly, tabloids are targeting Harvey. He had made a lot of hosting errors in the past, after all.

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