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Stimulus Check 2020: What’s The Amount You Can Receive? Highest Amount You Could Get And Second Week Of Negotiations

Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check 2020: What’s The Amount You Can Receive?:Β The economic relief package i-e the stimulus check is under works as the previous one ended on 31st July. With the surge of COVID and excessive unemployment, everybody is waiting for the Senate government to announce the plans.

That is to say, Congress is planning on adapting one bill, which could perhaps be the HEALS Act. But, the question that arises is, how big the bill will be? To that end, let’s get into the details of the new stimulus check.

Second Week Of Negotiations

Over two months ago, the Senate talked about the second wave of stimulus checks. Since then, the economic package has been the talk of the town, and recently the authorities decided to discuss the details.

Stimulus Check
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In week two of negotiations, White House Chief Staff Mark Medows said if both the parties the i-e Republic and Democratic, don’t decide by Friday, he wonders if they’ll ever decide or not. He said:

“I’ve become extremely doubtful that we’ll be able to make a deal if it goes well beyond Friday.”

Not to mention, one of the most discussed issues is the amount of money the eligible people would get.

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Amount Discussion

In the words of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin:

“There is enormous bipartisan support for the second stimulus check. But, with the two sides still negotiating, there is no guarantee how much money you could get. Based on the bill’s eligibility requirements, one could end up with a bigger, or even a smaller one, in comparison with the first stimulus bill.”

Stimulus Check 2020

Considering the negotiators go with the HEALS Act, some families might receiver $500 bill for dependents who didn’t qualify for the previous one.

Moreover, the senate’s HEALS Act proposes an upper limit of $1,200 per qualified person. But, this doesn’t mean that one can get all the money.

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Highest Amount You Could Get

Depending on how the negotiations shake out, the total amount a family could get could change. While the HEALS Act does not mention the cap amount a family could receive, the difference between it and the other acts is that it doesn’t limit the dependents to those under the age of 17.

In both the HEROES Act and CARES Act, the eligible person should be under 17.

Nevertheless, let us know your views about the Stimulus Check 2020.


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