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A ray of hope as Trump authority decides that the second stimulus check round is must

There could be an end to the hold that the second Stimulus check was facing. Stimulus check 2 can finally see a ray of hope as Trump government and lawmakers have come on an agreement that a stimulus check round 2 must be done. They find it necessary but the only problem is that they still haven’t agreed on the amount of funding. From the Democratic side, Nancy Pelosi is stood tall with a demand of $2.2 trillion. In contrast, the president had only thought of signing some amount close to $1.3 trillion. There is a huge difference of 1 trillion dollars. None of the party is ready to come down to each-others demand at the moment.

Trump reportedly willing to sign second stimulus agreement at $ 1.3 billion - Geeky News
Trump government and lawmakers have come on an agreement that a stimulus check round 2 must be done.

Unemployment hits the US like never before, something needs to be done soon

The state benefits along with the CARES Act’s $600-per-week payment expired in July’s ending. Only a few states are paying a temporary weekly amount because of Trump’s executive order. This order came into effect recently. Democrats are willing to pay $600 weekly payment as before. However, a clash of opinions can bring down the benefits to $200-$300 per week. Still, there isn’t a final way out.

Unemployment has reached its peak in the USA. For instance, just last week the numbers rise to more than a million people. As the pandemic escalates, the situation worsens even more. If something is not done soon, many people will suffer. The House and the Senate have agreed on the notion of skinny stimulus bills. However, it does not do much besides providing federal unemployment benefits.Β Soon, the lawmakers will be back in Washington after a respite given on Labors Day.

All we can hope is that the members go forward with a good suggestion.Β  If there is a consent among negotiators, second stimulus check will be available to eligible Americans by the end of this year.

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