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Stimulus Check Latest Updates: As Per HEALS Act, The Eligibility, Benefits And All About Paycheck Protection Program

Stimulus Check Latest Updates: As Per HEALS Act, The Eligibility, Benefits And All About Paycheck Protection Program!: The Stimulus Package has been the talk of the town for over a month now. Americans were eager to get the details of the second stimulus check, and now, the wait is over. That is to say, the Senate has finally confirmed the second stimulus check.

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What’s more, is that they’ve given details about the eligibility, and the potential timeline of this package. So let us dig into the details of this new package.


The GOP leaders in the Senate, have agreed upon the Stimulus Check as a part of the HEALS Act. In other words, the second wave of the economic relief package gives a round of $1,200 direct payments.

Stimulus Package
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Not a long ago, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell announced that they are naming the stimulus checks as the HEALS Act. This new aid plan comes at a decisive point with the COVID situation in the United States in hand.

With the severity of daily case surge, the economy is going into chaos. Provided that, the HEALS Act comes in handy as several people have lost their jobs.

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Let’s Talk Numbers!

Recently, McConnell and a few others made a few COVID aid bills that passed as HEALS Act. In addition to the $1,200 direct payments, the act continues federal unemployment benefits i-e the $600 per week system.

Notably, it offers a Paycheck Protection Program i-e the PPP sequel for business loans, and provide more funding to help schools and COVID testing treatment with vaccine research.

Despite this, it is less than the $3 Trillion HEROES Act put forth by the House of Democrats.

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The Eligibility

Furthermore, the good news is that those who had received the first round of Stimulus Checks in April can receive the second round too. People who make less than $75,000 a year (based on the recent tax return), can qualify for the first round’s entire payment.

Stimulus Package
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Similarly, married couples receive a sizeable payment if their joint income is $150,000 or less. Notably, the new Stimulus app tracker can give you the status of your pending payment.

Moreover, you can call up the IRS phone number to get your questions cleared via a live representative.

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