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Stimulus Check:- President Trump Wants A Larger Stimulus Check?

President Trump-Stimulus Check

First Stimulus Check Of 2008-09

President Trump Wants A Larger Stimulus Check?:Β TheΒ Stimulus Check is a payment for the taxpayers i-e the citizens so that they can get monetary relief. The U.S Government usually gives a certain amount to the eligible taxpayers.

When the eligible citizens spend this money, it boosts the consumption and the drive revenues at retailers and manufacturers. It stimulates as well as spurs the economy.

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In 2008, during former President Barack Obama’s government, United States of America faced a recession after the financial crises. Thus, in 2009, the first stimulus bill got passed. The government sent out checks to those with at least $3,000 in qualifying income. It combined with Social Security benefits, Veteran Affairs benefits Railroad Retirement benefits and earned income.

Let’s talk about the second stimulus check and President Trump’s reaction to it!

Second Stimulus Check Of 2020

On Wednesday, on Fox Business, current President Donald Trump announced that he not only supports the second stimulus check but also supports a ‘larger’ check than the Democrats. He said,

“I do. I support it, but it has to be done properly. But I support larger numbers than the Democrats”

Second Stimulus Bill
Source: HuffPost

By far, this is the clearest expression of President Trump regarding the stimulus check. Last month, President Trump announced that another stimulus check is coming.

There are speculations of the check ranging from one-time $1200 to $2000 a month. However, President Trump did not specify the exact stimulus check package but, we dig that he’s referring to the one-time $1200 stimulus check proposed by House Democrats.

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Second Stimulus Check Could Be Larger?

President Trump was clear as water when he announced that the second stimulus bill is going to be large. We believe that the bill is going to be more than the one-time $1200 for each individual.

The Heroes Act passed in May 2020 is the $1200 that includes college students. However, President Trump is against this act and called it DOA. He believes, the act will benefit people who don’t need it.

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Congress ultimately will decide if there is another Stimulus Check will continue or not. Additionally, due to the shambling economy of the USA and the Coronavirus Pandemic leading up to people getting laid-off work, this is the best opportunity for the government to pass the bill.

Let us know if you support the second Stimulus Check or not!

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