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Stimulus Check: Trump Plans For A Second Stimulus Check As Coronavirus Impact Deepens !

Stimulus Check
Source: CNBC

Trump Plans On Second Stimulus For US Citizens

Stimulus Check: Donald Trump is planning to come up with a second stimulus package to provide aid to the citizen of the US. The coronavirus pandemic in the US is not slowing down, and it has become the worst affected country. Moreover, the country has reported approximately 2.32 million cases of the virus. Out of this, more than 122K people have gone down to the virus. Even now, the graph is not coming down in the US, with many additions to the tally every day. Trump gave a new thread about the next steps from his government. He indicated a second stimulus package saying, “I think we’re working on something that’s going to be very dramatic, very good. I think we are looking at Phase 4. Phase 1, 2, and 3 have been fantastic for people generally.”

Stimulus Check
Source: CNBC

Impact Of Coronavirus On the US

Coronavirus has forced people to practice social distancing measures. It has affected the US economy in a very significant way. Many people have become unemployed, and the US economy is said to be facing the worst economic crisis and recession in many years. This is one of the reasons for the talks of a second stimulus package. The Department of Labour revealed that 1.5 million people had applied for unemployment. This was the 13th consecutive week when there were more than 1 million registrations for unemployment benefits.

When Will, The Second Stimulus, Be Passed In The US?

It is not definite that the Congress will pass this plan. There is no date on when the Congress will take a vote on this. US Senator Mitch McConnell feels the second stimulus will be up for discussion in July. He further said, “We need to take a look at how the economy is coming back and decide whether or not we’re going to do one last rescue package. And I predicted we’d make that decision in July, and I’ll continue to say that today.”

Source: Medpage Today

First Stimulus Package In The US

Stimulus Check: The US citizens received an average of $1,729. However, the package met with a lot of criticism for being discriminatory to some people and being selective in their decision. For example, a family received $500 for each child below the age of 17. This left many households with children above 17. The second stimulus is expected to be better.

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