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Stimulus Check Update: Donald Trump Has A New ‘Theory!’

Donald Trump Stimulus Check
Source: Bloomberg

Donald Trump Has Some Idle Funds For Another Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check Update: Donald Trump Has A New ‘Theory!’: Donald Trump is desperately trying to be a leader at the moment with the elections nearing in. There is no doubt that Trump’s support in America has decreased since the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests.

It is yet to know if it is enough to throw him out of power. However, he has come up with a new idea where he reveals that as much as $300 billion is unmoved in a fund which he can release for another round of stimulus payment. He said:

β€œWe have $300 billion sittings in an account that we didn’t need. It would be a very appropriate thing to release that to the American people and I am willing to do it.”

Donald Trump Stimulus Check
Source: Bloomberg

Where Are The Idle Funds Coming From For Donald Trump’s Second Stimulus Check

When Donald Trump said he had funds from the government treasury that are idle and one can use for a stimulus check, many people questioned the origin of this fund.

They clarified later that the fund is part of a reserve that Congress created for emergencies from economic damage due to coronavirus.

Donald Trump Aims For A Very Powerful Stimulus Package

Donald Trump’s words have given hope to Americans regarding another package. Trump is going for damage control at the moment as people are criticizing him after the pandemic. With the elections nearing, he is trying hard to pass another stimulus and get back the support. With this fund, he can issue another wave of checks to the Americans. He said:

β€œWe have $300 billion, it’s there, we don’t need the money, we don’t need anything. I could give it to the people as a very powerful stimulus.”

Stimulus Check
Source: Forbes

Donald Trump Has A Theory To Pass Another Stimulus Check

Donald Trump revealed that he has a β€˜theory’ through which he can release the money without support from Congress. However, he will still try to get approval for another stimulus. However, he never mentioned what his theory is to give another inspiration all by himself.

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