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Stimulus Checks: People Await For The Check & Trump Awaits The Decision!

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Stimulus Checks: People Await For The Check & Trump Awaits The Decision!: Funds provided by the government is helping people fight this pandemic situation. While the government has released its first stimulus check, people are waiting for the next stimulus check for their survival.

$300 Billion Available To Use

Trump revealed on Friday that $300 billion unused funds are available for covid -19 relief fund. Though he did not reveal the direct source of the fund, hinted it to be the loan money approved in march. It was from the $2 trillion CARES Act. They can use the funds for direct payments similar to the $1,200 checks.

Stimulus Checks: Trump Urges Democrats to Release $300 Billion Unspent Money to Americans
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Trump Seeks Permission

Americans could use the unspent money if democrats in the congress approve. Then he could redirect the funds. He seeks permission though there is no mandatory rule for him to do so. They will turn the funds if they pass their one sentence of approval. It is a prolonged process as democrats delay it

Parties At Loggerheads

While one party wants to release the funds as soon as possible, the other party disagrees with it. Many criticised the lawmakers for not releasing the checks on time.Β  Despite knowing that Americans are struggling to make payments amid this pandemic

According to The Sun, if the Senate passes a new COVID-19 relief bill on September 11, the House will pass it on September 16, and then Trump could sign it on September 17. They will distribute the first check in the week of September 28.

However, disagreement from both the parties is delaying the release of the COVID-19Β  relief package.

Positive Indicator

The government reports on Friday that the unemployment rate has decreased. It has come down from 10.2% in July to 8.4% in August. It seems to be a piece of good news to all.


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