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Stirling Moss: British Motor Racing Legend Has Died Aged 90

Stirling Moss
Stirling Moss riding his favourite car at his old days.

Stirling Moss was an inspiration for a small boy and a grown man. Considered as one of the most swashbuckling drivers of all time, Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss bid farewell to the world on 12th April 2020 aged 90.
The British Formula One Driver was taken ill in December 2016 and was admitted to a Singapore hospital on the onset of a chest infection. But the F1 legend failed to complete this one final lap of his life and passed away quietly on Sunday at his London residence.

Stirling Moss: Career

Moss’s career spawned over 14 glorious years. In this period, the F1 great won a whooping 212 of his 529 races at events like the Grand Prix, sports cars and long-distance rallying in 107 different cars. Stirling Moss has over four Grand Prix to his name and has won 40% of the races he entered.

Stirling Moss
Stirling Moss riding his car towards the victory lap.

The 1951 Swiss Grand Prix was his first entry into the big leagues. The 1951 United States Grand Prix was the last time the fans got to witness the maestro in action. Moss failed to produce the Grand Prix Championship Title, the ultimate crown.Β  He was considered as the Modern day St George. This was because of his love for his country and he portrayed it by upholding the honor by often driving British cars.

It was his persona that captivated the public. It was Stirling Moss who defined the point where courage converged with catastrophe.

The race at the Goodwood Circuit Racetrack in England’sΒ  West Sussex county was the turning point of his career. He suffered a massive injury to his eye, left arm, left leg. The X-ray revealed a severe injury to his brain which forced him into a coma for 38 days. The injury left him a paralyzed left side for six months.

Stirling Moss
The collection of best moments of Stirling Moss.

He returned to the same track a year later where he pushed his Lotus to 145 mph on a wet track. But later he realized that he had lost a page in his book and was never the same again. Despite being a better driver than the rest, Moss retired at 33.

Honours And Awards

His contribution to the world of racing was noteworthy.

  • Moss was honoured with the highest of honours throughout his career. He was inducted in the Internation Motorsports Hall Of Fame in 1990.
  • Prince Charles of England knighted him on 21st March 2000 for his contributionΒ  to racing
  • He received the FIA Gold Medal in 2006.
  • Mercedes-McClaren unveiled their final model Mercedes-Benz SLR McClaren and named it in the honour of Stirling Moss, with a top speed of 217 mph.

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