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Stranger Things: 5 Things We Still Don’t Understand About It!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things One of the popular shows on Netflix The Stranger Things’s the ‘Upside Down’ World is full of mystery. Here are five things you have still have no idea about.

Stranger Things The People Who Visited

El, Will, and the Hawkins visited ‘Upside Down’ in the 1980s. El, Dr. Brenner, and some laborers spend some time there. Will spent most of the time of his life there.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things


They came along with many questions about the Realm and the ‘Upside Down’ World. The questions such as – Had anyone visited Realm before? Had Russia visited the ‘Upside Down’? Does ‘Upside Down’ existed on the same timeline as the World before? How many points are there to reach a realm? How far is the Realm? Did anyone know the existence of the World before 1980? etc.

But the questions remain unanswered, which needed to answer in future episodes of Stranger Things.

The Person Who Lived In

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

We have seen creatures like Demogorgon in the ‘Upside Down’ World. But there one question remains – is there any other kind of creatures live in the evil World? Along with Demogorgon, Mind Flayer lives in the demon world of ‘Upside Down.’ But it is not clear if there are no other scary livings that existed beneath the World of Hawkins.

However, it is also possible that Demogorgon and Mind Flayers are not the creatures from the ‘Upside Down.’ They may exist somewhere else and slipped into the World. It is yet to answer what are the monsters born in or lived in the demon world.

Why is it in Hawkins?

The one question that needs to answer is – Why the evil World existed beneath Hawkins? As in the 1980’s the ‘Upside Down’ doesn’t reach any corner of the World, so why the place? Is the World is made by scientists by an experiment, or is it man-made? Or some unknown natural super-power create this World?

The ‘Upside Down’ World

The ‘Upside Down’ World certainly exists beneath the Hawkins, but no one knows how big it is? The scientific community and Russia has a pretty interest in the Realm as it discovered recently. But no one knows from when does the Realm exist? What is the actual age of the ‘Upside Down’? Does this have any energy of its own? It is unclear if the strange World has any magical powers, or is it a terrible prison for its trespassers?

The Entrance And Exists In The ‘Upside Down’

Since we don’t know what the territory of the ‘Upside Down’ world is, we have no idea where are the entrance and exits of the ‘Upside Down.’ Aside from the lab and portals in Hawkins, does it have any other access points? Does it have portals in Russia? Does it have any portal anywhere else in the World?
Stranger Things has a lot to answer to its viewers. We hope the upcoming seasons will answer them all.

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