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Stranger Things Theory: Eleven Is Back With Her Powers!

Stranger Things
The main casts of The Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things need to answers all the questions left in Season 3. Among those, the most crucial issue that comes up is Β Will Eleven regain her powers? On the contrary, a fan theory suggests that she will need the help of none other than Dr Brenner. Check out Stranger Things theory in this article.

In the past three seasons, Stranger Things has left a lot of mysteries. The mysteries include the experiments and test subjects from Hawkins LabΒ and everything related to theΒ Upside Down.

Some characters are believed to be dead but are still alive. These characters include somewhere, such as season 1’s (human) villain, Dr Brenner.

Where Is Dr Brenner?

Viewers met Dr Brenner in season 1 ofΒ Stranger Things. In the first season, an experiment went wrong and opened a gate to another dimension. It is referred to by the kids as the β€œUpside Down”. Because of this, a monster called the β€œDemogorgon” kidnapped Will Byers and took him to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Theory
Dr.Brenner from Stranger Things.

Meanwhile, in this dimension, a test subject from Hawkins Lab which is later called β€œEleven” escaped. Dr Brenner and his team went after her. But they had to rid of some people who were on their way. But Brenner was confirmed to be alive in season 2.

Stranger Things Theory: Details Of Season 4

Plot details onΒ Stranger Things season 4 are a mystery. It has made way for a bunch of fan theories on how the series will address some of the biggest questions it has left. Among those include the whereabouts of Dr Brenner and how he could come back. However, some suggest the reason for his comeback will be helping Eleven get her powers back.

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How Could Dr Brenner Give Her Powers Back To Eleven?

Dr Brenner might be the only person who knows Eleven’s powers, and how to control them. Since his disappearance, Eleven has been trying to learn about her powers by herself. However, she had Kali’s guidance in season 2, but it didn’t last long.

After being injured by the Mind Flyer in season 3, she was unable to use her powers again. By the end of the season, she was pretty much powerless. Brenner is the one who helped her train and developed her powers. Hence, he may know how she can get them back.

Why Would Eleven Turn To Dr Brenner For Help?

A fan theory posted onΒ Reddit suggests that Eleven will spend some time at a mental hospital due to all the trauma she has gone through. Hopper’s supposed death may be the last straw.

Stranger Things Theory
A plot from Stranger Things where Eleven loses her powers.

She already knows about MKUltra and what her mom went through. Eleven knows that her only hope to get her powers back might be β€œpapa” himself. Of course, how Brenner is brought back will depend on where he is. Many fans believe that he’s either working with the Russians or is another prisoner, just like Hopper.

Stranger Things Theory: The Upside Down

Eleven’s reunion with Dr Brenner won’t be an easy one for her. So, if he returns before she even knows that Hopper is alive – her evil father figure is back. Based on what is shown about him, it’s unlikely he will help Eleven. He will surely ask for something in return, possibly her leaving the Byers.

Apart from helping Eleven get her powers back, Brenner’s return can answer some of the questions about the Upside Down.


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